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What is a Parent Coordinator?

A Parent Coordinator is a professional - who is assigned by the court - to manage ongoing issues in high-conflict child custody and parenting time cases. The Parent Coordinator meets with both parties - and the involved children - regularly, receives day-to-day questions and complaints about any aspect of a party's conduct and makes recommendations to the parties based on the guidance of the court-ordered parenting plan.  These recommendations effectively become obligatory for the parties to follow because the Parent Coordinator can testify in court about the compliance and non-compliance of the parties.

Helping parents and children maintain positive and healthy connections

Parenting time arrangements, parenting styles, unresolved parental conflict, family support - as well as the age and temperament of the child - all impact children's adjustment to their parents' change in living and parenting arrangements.

For children who may be exposed to hostility between their parents for prolonged periods of time, parenting coordination offers promise to families and courts as an opportunity to prevent or mitigate long-term damage to children.

Choosing the right parent coordinator to assist in the challenges of insuring - and supporting - that a parenting plan is followed is an important decision. What's most important is the children's ability to have both parents in their lives.

What is a Domestic Relations Mediator?

Mediation is a problem-solving process where a neutral professional (the mediator) facilitates communication between parties involved in a divorce or a domestic relations dispute.  The mediator helps parents understand the needs of their children, reach agreements in their children's best interests and develop a cooperative parenting relationship.

What are the benefits of mediation? The focus of mediation is to create a parenting plan that is best for the children. In a safe and healthy environment, it's best for children to have access to both of their parents. The process of child custody mediation side steps unnecessary arguing and helps parents create a plan to have a more positive working relationship through which children can thrive. Additionally, a contested custody case is full of conflict and has a negative impact on the children who are dealing with their parents' divorce or separation. This conflict creates a situation where the children are unavoidably - even ifunintentionally - caught in the middle. Mediation focuses on separating parents' interests from the children's best interests.


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