Co-Parent Connection LLC  


ATTORNEYS --- Focusing on Family Law and Domestic Relations 

David Brown  Joel Kent
Merrill O' Sullivan Stahancyk, Kent & Hook
805 SW Industrial Way, Suite 5 158 NE Greenwood Avenue
Bend, OR  97702 Bend, OR  97701
(541) 389-1770 (541) 318-9115

Alison Emerson Angela Lee
Bryant, Emerson & Fitch 360 NW Vermont Place, #100
888 W. Evergreen Avenue Bend, OR  97701
Redmond, OR  97756 (541) 678-5614
(541) 548-2151

Bethany Flint Caroline Ponzini-Beck
45 NW Park Place Stahancyk, Kent & Hook
Bend, OR  97701 158 NE Greenwood Avenue
(541) 318-0221 Bend, OR  97701 (541) 318-9115

Ken Goodin Rachael Roberts
Stahancyk, Kent & Hook Stahancyk, Kent & Hook
158 NE Greenwood Avenue 158 NE Greenwood Avenue
Bend, OR  97701 Bend, OR  97701
(541) 318-9115 (541) 318-9115

Lori Hellis Fred Schroeder
888 NW Hill Street, Suite 6 Stahancyk, Kent & Hook
Bend, OR  97701 158 NE Greenwood Avenue
(541) 312-8864 Bend, OR  97701 (541) 318-9115

Gwen Moore
Ron Johnson
Lage, Johnson and Phillips LLP Lage Johnson and Phillips LLP
5 NW Hawthorne Avenue 5 NW Hawthorne Avenue
Bend, OR 97701 Bend, OR 97701
(541) 385-0505 (541) 385-0505

Gordon Phillips Kristin Larson
Lage Johnson and Phillips LLP Hansen & Larson LLC
5 NW Hawthorne Avenue 5 NW Minnesota Avenue, Suite 220
Bend, OR  97701 Bend, OR  97701
(541) 385-0505 (541) 550-7060

THERAPISTS --- Focusing on Individuals, Children, Couples and Families

Randy Wild, MS, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) 

Bend Counseling & Biofeedback Inc.
851 NE 8th Street
Bend, OR  97701
(541) 550-7940

Randy specializes in counseling by actualizing one's greatest strengths - rather than focusing on their weaknesses - to help achieve healthy, long-lasting changes.  He uses neurofeedback to assist in treating conditions which include ADD/ADHD, brain injury, anxiety and panic disorders, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Randy is also a nationally-certified biofeedback provider.  Conditions treated by biofeedback include stress management, postpartum depression, anxiety, migraine headaches and tension headaches.  

Lynne Herbert, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor)
Attachment Center of Central Oregon LLC
1183 NW Wall Street, Suite E
Bend, OR  97701
(541) 389-5446

Lynne utilizes Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy in her practice.  This is a family-focused mode of care that works with children who may have experienced trauma, neglect, abuse or loss, as well as with other children who have emotional and behavioral problems. Lynne also assists individuals, children, couples and families to create or heal strong and healthy relationships.  She is an EMDR trained clinician.

Natalie Hull, MS, NCC

Individuals, Couples and Family Therapist
Insight Counseling Group, LLC
390 SW Columbia Street, Suite 210
(541) 325-3339

Natalie has a passion for helping parents create positive relationships with their children based on proven communication skills rather than parenting techniques that rely on power and control.  For the past decade, Natalie's work has focused on understanding and promoting the factors that lead to deeper connections between family members and increased self-esteem, self-discipline and an inner sense of personal responsibility in children.  She is a nationally certified counselor and parenting instructor and holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a Masters of Science in clinical mental health counseling.

Darcy Gilbert, MA, Licensed Counselor
390 SW Columbia Street, Suite 210
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 382-2333

Darcy uses a solution-focused therapy approach, which targets what is desired and what works rather than what is not desired and what is not working.  This model helps people reach goals and resolve problems more rapidly because it emphasizes utilizing strengths and resources already available within themselves.  Darcy's areas of clinical focus include disordered eating/exercise/dieting and other compulsive behaviors, anxiety, stress, mood imbalances, family and/or relationship discord and trauma resolution.  Darcy is an EMDR trained clinician.

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