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What People Are Saying

"Vicki has a set of skills and experience that make her uniquely qualified as a parenting time coordinator. Vicki understands the needs of families and puts children first, while encouraging and empowering parents. The outcomes of the cases I have referred to Vicki for post-divorce parenting time coordination consistently exceed my expectations."

----  Lori Hellis, P.C., Family Law Attorney, Bend, Oregon

"Vicki - and her parent coordination and mediation services - is exactly what Deschutes County needed.  She is able to assist families in working towards resolving their issues without court involvement or the legal process. She saves families time, money and heartache. Her background as a Department of Human Services-Child Welfare investigator - and her knowledge of the court process makes her that much more skilled at reaching resolutions.  She is able to get even extremely high conflict, non-communicative families talking and working towards common and cohesive goals. I have sent her many families - ones that I did not think would reach a resolution - and they have all reached an agreement.  The service Vicki provides is invaluable.  I am so thankful there is someone so caring out there to send people to who want to work problems out among themselves. Families get results working with Vicki. In the years I have been practicing family law, this is - hands down - the most effective and lasting service for parents, children and families. Thank you, Vicki, for providing clients another non-hostile option."

---- Alison Emerson, Family Law Attorney, Bryant Emerson & Fitch, Redmond, Oregon

"Vicki has been  assisting us with our challenges in communicating with my ex-wife as we try to make major decisions  for our children to ensure their emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.  As I am remarried, with a wonderfully-supportive wife and step-mother to the kids, we have faced difficult, and often adversarial, situations.  Vicki has been knowledgeable, discerning and - perhaps most importantly - compassionate.

Our boys like her a lot and look forward to her visits, which have all been very relaxing and  natural.  She is truly passionate about helping kids in the midst of the hardship of divorce.  I recommend her as a tremendous asset to anyone who could use wisdom and help navigating the often emotionally-charged post-divorce road -- anyone who wants to foster peaceful co-parenting for the sake of their children."

---- "K", father of three, Bend, Oregon

"As the parents of a large, high-conflict - and extremely busy blended-family - the insight and advice Vicki has provided us with has been invaluable. Vicki has consistently proven that she will keep the needs of our children on the forefront as she endeavors to resolve opposing viewpoints and normal conflicts of a post-divorce family. As a group, we have all significantly learned and benefited from the use of a parenting coordinator. Issues included: Time and schedule management, effective communication between all members, objective problem solving techniques and identifying a wide array of resources for continued growth.

Divorce is hard on everyone in a family and having a reliable, neutral third-party assisting in the decision-making process that -  prior to her involvement - was extremely difficult and hurtful. Vicki has a wealth knowledge through both her education and past work experiences.. She would be a great asset to any family and we could not have transitioned this far without her.

Additionally, Vicki is exceptionally familiar with the tri-county community. Her parenting plan facilitation, skilled conflict resolution and no-nonsense approach to her responsibility as a parent coordinator have breathed some life and hope into a circumstance that had broken down and was in need of immediate assistance.  Vicki's recommendations - from extracurricular lessons and camp plans - to fun activities for the children have also helped enrich the parenting time we do spend with our children. Plainly stated, the work Vicki Kipp has done for this family has been integral in the overall reduction of stress. For that fact alone, we would highly recommend her to other families dealing with divorce and significant post-dissolution family matters."

---- "S", father of four, Prineville, Oregon

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